DJI Inspire1 – Showreel Stradbroke Island

First video with Inspire1

So I bit the bullet and purchased a DJI Inspire1 quadrocopter.

For those not familiar with what that is, it’s a Remote controlled quadrocopter, capable of taking 4K video and 12mp stills with it’s stabilised onboard camera. Really quite an ingenious combination of technologies all combining to create a machine capable of fullfiling all your creative aerial endeavors.

I will maybe put together a review of the Inspire1, taken from the view of a photographer. Having had a history in the Remote Controlled hobbies and a passion for photography, it’s only a natural progression that aerial photography with “drones” was inevitable.

Now video is something kind of new to me, but I have been bitten by the bug now.  Expect to see plenty more photos and videos from me in the future.

I just wanted to share the first video I put together. This is from the first 2 weeks with the inspire1 and an similarly short exposure to video editing.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback.


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