DJI Inspire1 creating new angles

Inspire 1 opportunities

Having had the DJI Inspire 1 now for a few months, I have found myself really looking at things completely differently. Landscapes need to be re-considered for different compositions that take advantage of what the aerial platform can provide. This involves a bit of a shift in thinking. I liked how this shot of Home beach looking north to Cylinder turned out. The crystal clear water and the beautiful gutter formed at home beach made for a perfect aerial subject matter.

dji inspire1


But it doesn’t take long to get the brain wrapped around the capabilities and start thinking about the possibilities. Here one taken at Dune rocks looking out to Frenchman’s beach.

dune rocks

From here, it’s pretty endless.. So many more idea to follow up on. Now to find the time. 🙂

Stayed tuned for more.

Happy (flying) and shooting 🙂

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