DJI Inspire1 long exposure – Cityscape nightshot

Long exposure with a drone – Tripod in the sky

So a little more experimenting..

This is a twilight shot of the Brisbane cityscape. now shots like this usually require a long exposure, or a camera capable to higher ISO performance to be executed handheld. Well I can tell you that under the right conditions and with the combination of GPS lock, gimbal stabilization and just the right balance of camera setting and exposures like this are completely possible. The DJI Inspire1 is like a tripod in the sky ! This shot was a 1.6 sec exposure, ISO800 and the fixed aperture of F/2.8

long exposure inspire1

I find that the ISO performance above ISO800 is still manageable, but given the amount of dark scene, I wanted to give myself more flexibility in post. I have managed to print this as large as 75X50cm on metal, with really good results.

Lots more possibilities now, will share more soon.



4 thoughts on “DJI Inspire1 long exposure – Cityscape nightshot

  1. Hey Luke, that’s a stunning photo mate!

    Was that taken flying solo? or did you have someone else on the camera? Is the GPS lock accurate / stable enough to leave you free to focus on the shot once it’s in position?


    1. Thanks Eric, that was flying solo. The Inspire 1 is very stable and when it has full GPS lock it’s pretty good at holding position. Which allows you to work on your composition and the photography components. Now there are some obvious limitation, but working within those limits it does really well. Not all of the long exposures were sharp and I had pretty good still conditions which helped a lot.

      1. The lighting has come up perfectly. I really like the balance of the reflection of purple under the bridge, the bridge itself and then the yellowish street lights from the city above. It’s a great job.

        It would be amazing to see during riverfire but I think it would pose a hazard risk to your drone!


      2. Yeah I’m guess it wouldn’t go down to well for obvious safety reasons. Maybe from a different angle, but safety would be number 1

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