Return of the Leucistic Kookaburra

Not an Albino

So 2.5Yrs ago, I got a visit from a scrawny all white Kookaburra, which I was lucky enough to photograph. Even managed a few in flight shots. You can see and read about the article here  and here is a shot of him back then.

white, albino, kookaburra

Wee here is a shot of him with another “family” member next to him. Looking much more plump and healthy, assuming it is the same Laughing Kookaburra.

not albino

Almost felt a bit special to see this guy again. I also read that kookaburra’s can live from 11-15 yrs in the wild, and as much as 20yrs in captivity.


2 thoughts on “Return of the Leucistic Kookaburra

  1. Hi . Where did u see the white kookaburra? I’m in shellharbour the bird that I see also has a normal mate. Are they the same?

    1. Hey Sonis, thanks for the message. Great to hear there is some more white kookaburras sighting around The East coast. I would assume they are different birds as I’m in Wishart in Brisbane. The one I have seen (as recent as August 2019) has a white friend. Which I assume is a sibling. Glad you found my site as it seems to attract other white kookaburra web searchers.

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