backlit Bokeh wonderland

Creating mini magic in a scene

I don’t want to turn this into a wild post about how to create bokeh magic in your photos, this is something that takes time and a keen eye. Sometimes a small glimpse of magic appears and it about building a shot around that. In these couple of example I was able to maximise the bokeh magic created from backlit water droplet. The backlighting creates a strong point of light at each drop. With the shallow depth of field of macro photography these multiple point blow out of focus and create magic spheres of light. If handled right that can fill in the scene around your subject and help finish the shot wonderfully. Here and here are some earlier post that have used the same concept.

This first shot was of the colourful stems of the Grevillea with water drop lining the stems.

backlit bokeh gravilia

I have used this technique on many occasions, and I always enjoy the results.

Happy shooting.


4 thoughts on “backlit Bokeh wonderland

  1. Nothing like parents calling out your spelling on your blog! lol…

    Great shot Luke. At first I thought you were getting into underwater photography! The close up looked like some crazy see creature!


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