City Lights – Brisbane wet night photowalk

Had an opportunity to walk the streets and do a little shooting the other night. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, but sometime inclement weather can make for interesting scenes. It’s always fun to challenge yourself to look beyond the norm and test your ability to create in varied circumstances.

Here a few images I took from the evening.


city versus nature



B&W night buildings – ISO8000


bokeh bikes


Duck to water


tile reflections


rainy bokeh


wet biker – panning


grate city lights and bokeh

2 thoughts on “City Lights – Brisbane wet night photowalk

  1. Great shots as always.

    I really like the first with the lines of light and the trees. Where was that one taken?

    The tiles shot is amazing too. Its a little like one of these coloured dot pitches where your perspective keeps flicking back and forth while you look. Sometimes I’m looking at a tile other times I’m looking at the night sky through bars. Was that effect intentional or a happy accident?


    1. Thanks Eric ! Appreciate the comments.
      The streaking bus lights and the tree, that was taken next to the botanical gardens. There a big Morton bay fig trying to grow its way out of the park. Worked well with the passing traffic.
      Now the reflecting tile shot was just a chance shot. It was raining pretty hard and there was draping string of lights reflecting on the wet smooth tiles below. I tried to line the symmetry of the tiles and the lights. Didn’t see the multi view until you mentioned it. Lucky bonus of the symmetry I guess.

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