wildlife spring babies in Australia – Joey Koala

Joey hanging on to mum

spring baby, hanging on koala

Spring is a great time in Australia. Especially up here in Queensland. The temperatures quickly start to rise, trees flower and shoot fresh growth, Magpies swoop passers-by trying to protect their newborns and there seems to be new little critters everywhere.  Everyday there is another wildlife surprise turning up. Even the pool filter is a collection of new Australian beasties, trying to escape the grips of the creepy crawly.

This Joey, baby koala was clinging to it mother, while being harassed by a swooping magpie, and a budding photographer (that’s me, well I wasn’t really harassing them). All this happened on my daughters primary school grounds, would you believe. 🙂

They sure look cute and cuddly, but look at mums claws clinging the tree. I think she would shred you up pretty quickly, even though they appear slow and lethargic.

Tech note:

This was a quick snap taken when she stopped momentarily climbing the tree. It was strongly backlit, which helped show off those hairy ears. I used onboard fill flash to help balance the light


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