Moonlight long exposure Stradbroke Island

night time moonscape

moonlight, moonlit sea, long exposure, panadanas streaking skies clouds stradbroke island

Moonlit panadanas seascape on Stradbroke island

Took this shot a few full moons ago, while out on Stradbroke Island. I was hoping for a nice still night with a full moon to try some night time landscapes. I have previously scouted out a few possible location and was just waiting for the coordination and timing of a full moon, low winds, and the ability for me to be able to get out shooting, to all come together.

I was lucky on this night as some light clouds rolled in and I was able to utilise there movement to create a streaking pattern and tie it into the composition. I found a spot that had a nice panadanas palm to help anchor my composition with the rocks and surf.

Several long exposures were perfomed with and I ended up settling on this that combined some nice cloud streaks but not so long to completely blur the whoel sky. This exposure was just over 1 minute, F/13, ISO 800.

The only real technical challenge was I did encounter some long exposure noise, noticable as Red, Green or Blue hot pixels. I performed some “lens cap on” exposures matching the conditions and later performed a dark field subtraction. This basically identifies the hot pixels and “repairs” them from an adjacent uneffected pixel. Truly the problem wasn’t that bad, as you would only notice if you were a pixel peeper like me.. 🙂

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