Primary colours and simple composition – Less is More !

Very often in my photography, I find the images that end up appealing to me the most are regularly the simplest scenes. There is real truth in the acronym KISS. Less clutter, less elements to confuse the eye. This shot is a perfect example. Less is more !

primary colours, red barnShot on a mid summer morning in a canola field south of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1- simple

Only really has 3 elements to this shot, although the 3 elements are very strong. Bright yellow canola field, red Kwansit Hut and a nice high cloud pattern in the deep blue sky.


The use of a polariser on this shot helped bring out those textured high clouds. I was drawn to the lines in the sky and how I could build them into a scene with the canola and the Kwansit hut.

The beauty of the shot is the 3 work together to make a nice balanced, yet a dynamic image. I had a few others from different angles, but the composition with the streaking  high cloud lines and hut location definitely had the most impact.

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