Tunnel to the red door – diminishing horizon

Lead me to the red door

Took this shot at an underground lobby, which had this interesting red door in the distance..


I had to wait quite a while before I could get the clean shot with no bystanders or people in the shot. But hopefully it was worth it to get the shot I was looking for. I remember reading in a photo book somewhere the power of the colour Red. It become a focal point and dominates the viewers eye. Especially in a scene with greyscale surroundings.

Now, there are some tricks. This isn’t a completely OOC (out of camera) image.. I’ve messed with it. It actually an elevator lobby. With elevator door lining the wall down one side. But the look I was hoping for, was only really effective with a completely symmetrical view.

Some will not like what I’ve done, but I’m ok with that. Everyone has the opinion of what’s “photography”, for this shot my idea had some creative editing.  🙂 It’s all photography and the creativity can come in many different forms.

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