Cedar Creek bridge – little slice of paradise

Tropical clear creek

I researched and found this small creek about 45mins outside of Brisbane. I scoured google maps doing a little online scouting of the area. Was able to get out for a couple hours to take some shot. I love going out to these type of little natural beauties. I could happily wanted around the area, taking in the scenery, building scenes in my mind.

motion, water silk bridge

Flow from stone bridge

I found this stone bridge that crossed over the creek and I knew I could work a composition I would be happy with. The conditions were rather strong sunlight in combination with the shaded areas causing very specular highlights. I had to wait for the a passing cloud to help tone down the dynamic range to make the shot more manageable  Once I had the composition finalised, I just waited. I think I waited maybe 10 mins before a small cloud arrived to diffuse the sunlight and help with lighting of this scene. I could certainly think of a worse place to spend 10 mins.

roots natures hold

clear pool, colourHope you enjoy these shots.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Creek bridge – little slice of paradise

  1. Hello,
    These photos are gorgeous. I am wondering if you can tell me the exact location of this bridge? Is it in Andy Williams Park specifically? Or somewhere nearby? It would be ideal for an engagement shoot I’m scouting for…

  2. Thanks Amanda. Glad you like the shot. Email me directly (lukecaseyphotography@gmail.com) and I’ll share you the address of this private residents bridge. Out of respect for the owners. Thanks

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