Month photo theme – Shadows

March Theme – Shadows

Here’s a shot I took for the monthly photo theme challenge I am involved in. The idea is a new theme is picked every month. You can see more about canopenerpix here and a few of my other shots have been posted on my blog. The interpretation of the theme is at the mercy of the photographer discretion. There is no rules specifying what camera is to be used. Smartphones, film cameras, DSLR’s.. anything is accepted.

I like the challenge. It gets me thinking about how I can create something different, something that catches the eye and stands out from a regular snapshot. Hopefully pushing my own creativity in the process.

This was my Shadow shot.:


Taken in the early hours on my commute to work. The sun was low and strong, creating a perfect backlit lighting with long effective shadows. Once I saw the lighting I knew it was a real possibility to get something nice for the shadow theme. I first tried to shoot a couple of waiting backpackers but the silhouette and body language just didn’t fit the vision.

Then came this lady with her dress and purse and If I timed it just right I could capture her in the right light to get the dramatic effect I was looking for. Taken with an iphone5, but hopefully the lighting and timing of this image stand on their own merits. As the famous quote goes, “the best camera is the camera you have with you.”


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