Purple armor feet – Ibis bird

Strange feet on the Australian White Ibis

Caught a shot of this Australian White Ibis, but not just a normal shot. These birds are not very well regarded in some areas of Australia. Often referred to as “garbage birds”. They are often found walking the city streets, getting right in between people and causing general havic. They do have appeal to tourist though I guess.

strange feet, white Ibis

I decided to shoot the interesting colour of this guys feet. They have the coolest purple feet, with scaly texture. Like purple plated armor. I liked how the feet played with the framing with the stairs and railing.

Now I did a little more looking around and their feet are not all like this.. Some of them are actually not purple at all. So probably dependent on age and sex.. maybe..

Happy Shooting

3 thoughts on “Purple armor feet – Ibis bird

  1. I live in FL and Ibis are my favorite birds. Their feet can vary in shades of red and during mating season their feet and bills turn vibrant red. Love your feet photo. thanks

    1. Thanks Dee for your comment. The Ibis don’t have a very good reputation here in Brisbane, often referred to as garbage birds. Personally I think they are pretty cool too. Thanks for the info about their colorful feet !

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