how about a hug – birds in Australia

interesting birds

We sure have a lot of interesting birds in Australia. I used to be quite an avid avian photographer, chasing birds of prey of all sort, carrying long lenses, stalking and chasing the shots of different species.. I still enjoy that, but definitely don’t have the time to follow them like I used to.

Having said that Australia has some really interesting birds of all different kinds. Some strange even. Like this Ibis and his strange purlple feet.

When recently in Southbank area in Brisbane, I came across this Bush-stone Curlew who was staring at a glass window, deeply engaged with his own reflection. I think he found the perfect mate.. “looks just like me !” Maybe this is where humans get their infatuation with selfies.

look at me

I snuck inside the building an manged to get a show looking through the glass. The Curlew then opened his wings out to impress himself, which made a great shot up close. Like open his arms for a hug.

open wings


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